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Privacy Policy at

Your privacy is your right

The personal information you submit to will not be shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties except, when deemed necessary, to agents or companies providing services you have requested through, or when required by law. All agents or companies used by to provide these services are held to the same strict privacy standards as our own.

If you'd like to receive our newsletter please join the list of informed subscribers. If, however, you place an order at our web site but would prefer not to receive our newsletter, you will receive only email directly related to your orders — confirmation and receipt, etc.

This is what is known as an opt-in policy concerning commercial email. More common, unfortunately, is the opt-out policy, where email is sent unsolicited to customers, who are then forced to respond and say they don't want it (i.e. they must opt out of the situation). We hope the opt-in method will become the norm rather than the exception for commercial interests on the Internet.

When you purchase a membership from, you are voicing your support for one of the Internet's opt-in policy believers and a longstanding voice in the fight against spam.

Thanks for doing business with and feel free to express your opinion any time using our contact links.


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